Homemade, Single-Serving, Microwave Macaroni and Cheese


Ever come home from a long, busy day and don’t know what to make for dinner? You don’t want to hit the drive-thru because of the processed, calorie-laden food, and boxed dinners at the store aren’t a much better option, right?

Well I have a great option for you!!! It gives you a great, healthier, and cost saving option to buying the processed box dinners (ie Kraft dinner, Pasta Roni or Hamburger Helper). And I love that this only has a few ingredients, ALL of which we can pronounce; no preservatives or chemicals~!! Oh and by the way – its MUCH tastier too~!!! SO cheesy and delicious~!!!!

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Cheeseburger Pizza “Top Secret” Recipe Similar to Papa Murphy’s


Pizza. One word that describes so much. All kinds of flavors and textures can be conveyed on a Pizza. Italian, Thai, Greek, East Indian, Mexican, and on and on and on~!!!!

When it comes to food, I’m far from a traditionalist. I gravitate toward the different flavors, and textures thanks to the multicultural foods I enjoyed while growing up. If I’m offered the standard American Fare alongside say, some Thai food; I’ll always choose the Thai Food!

So when I tried the Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa Murphy’s, I was SHOCKED! I fell in love instantly! It was by far and away, the best Cheeseburger Pizza I’d ever tried!!! Which is also saying quite a bit, considering I’m not a big fan of ground beef!!! But this pizza is perfection!!! It tastes like you are eating a cheeseburger – but on a pizza~!!!! Continue Reading

Greek Salad – A Delicious, Flavorful, and Healthy Salad!


Have any of you ever had Greek Salad? Growing up in our house, it was a staple! One of those refreshing salads that pretty much go with everything~!!!

If you haven’t had Greek Salad, its basically a crunchy salad with a vinagrette, but with some yummy extras! Those extras are feta cheese, olives and the delicious homemade dressing!!! A couple of my very favorite things!!

So while this salad makes the perfect accompaniment to any Greek meal, don’t think of it as one that has to be paired with only Greek food. This goes wonderfully with burgers, chicken, steak, and pretty much anything else where you are looking for a salad side dish!!!

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Skinny Milkshakes – A Guilt Free Indulgence

Ahhhh Milkshakes. Just the thought of them makes my mouth water. Nothing more refreshing than a creamy, cool, indulgent MILKSHAKE, right???

And as much as I love them, I never order them when I’m out, simply because of the calorie factor. Well, that and the fat and sugar factors too! So I knew I had to come up with my own version, one that I could feel less guilty about!

Then my Skinny Shake was born. And while they are definitely lower in calories, fat and sugar; they aren’t without calories. So this is something I don’t treat myself too every night. But at least when I’m having a craving (no I’m not pregnant ;) ), I can feel less guilty while I indulge!

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Rigatoni Alla Carbonara – A Creamy, Garlicky Pasta With Wine and Bacon!


Today I’m bringing you one of our favorite pasta dishes! Are you ready???

Its a creamy, garlicky, pasta with wine and bacon, called Rigatoni alla Carbonara!! Its super delicious, has tons of amazing flavor, AND is super easy to make~! Who doesn’t love that???

Whenever we make this dish, it smells like Olive Garden in our house, so its also wonderful for entertaining! Just add some garlic bread and a Caesar Salad, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality meal!!!

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