Mexican Spiced Black Beans – Vegetarian, Low-Calorie, Low-Fat, and FULL FLAVOR!


Today I’m bringing you one of our all-time favorite bean recipes!!! They are delicious, low-cal, low-fat and FULL of yummy flavor!!! Oh and did I mention – SUPER easy to make!!! Yes, that’s a win-win in my book!!! Its Mexican Spiced Black Beans~!!!! Continue Reading

Loreal’s New 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadow Review, Pictures, and Swatches


Helllooooo to all my Chicklets~!!!! How’s everyone doing today??? Its a partly sunny day here, and any day that its not raining is always a great day!!! Although I will admit, its not warm enough here right now to feel like summer….haha…But hopefully soon it will be!!! <3

Today I’m bringing you a review of Loreal’s new 24 Hour Infallible Eye Shadows! They currently come in 18+ shades and absolutely have everything from your sophisticated neutrals, to your playful, summertime brights!!!

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Tomato, Corn, Fresh Mozzarella Salad


With summer finally upon us, we’ve hit grilling season, right??? Along with grilling our favorite meals, comes the all important task of finding side salads that compliment each meal!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new kinds of salads to serve my guys!! And while the standard green salad or caesar salad are delicious accompaniments, its always nice to change it up and serve a different kind of salad…one that has different textures, flavors and is also hearty!!

Which is why our family loves “Tomato, Corn, Fresh Mozzarella Salad”~!!! Its all of those things, lots of different textures, coupled with bold, delicious flavors, and is very hearty!!! In fact, I’ve made a whole meal out of just this salad!!

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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Eye Shadow Review


Hola Chicas~!!! How’s everyone doing today??? I have to say, I’m loving summer and could really get used to all this sunshine and beautiful weather!!! Sunny, warm weather just puts you in a “sunny” mood, right??? Along with the summer weather, come lots of beautiful, bright shades of eye shadow!!!

And one of the newer editions to Maybelline’s makeup line is their new “Color Tattoo” 24 Hour Cream Gel Eye Shadows. These are available in 10 different shades ranging from your neutral shades to vibrant, playful colors like teal, gold and emerald.

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Instant, Microwave, Single-Serving Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Cake. Two little, yet heavenly words, right? Normally you have to spend a lot of time and effort to bake a cake, and then you’re left with the delicious leftovers that only serve as added temptation ALL week long!!! Well with this recipe – problem solved! You can get a delicious chocolate cake fix without the added temptation of eating TOO much cake! It’s “Instant, Microwave, Single-Serving Chocolate Cake”~!!! Continue Reading