NEW at – Create Your Own Sets, NEW Packaging and NEW Products~!


I’ve never sold sets in the Iced pinK Etsy Store before, because each of us have different taste in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. And you shouldn’t have to buy a set, with a piece that you may not use. So, it got me to thinking. And then I began creating lots of pieces in different sizes and styles and colors, that coordinate! When I listed them in the Iced pinK Etsy store, each listing includes pieces that match or coordinate – to create a set unique for you! And the “Create Your Set” was born! I’m excited to bring you, yet another form of customization to your accessory wardrobe! Most of the necklaces and/or bracelets allow for you to customize your length, and now you can create your own sets!
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Iced pinK Giveaway and New Floating Bead, Crystal and Gemstone Necklaces~!!!


Hey there beauties!! Stopping in with a quick post about a Custom Made Floating Necklace Giveaway, and some new, gorgeous, statement floating necklaces added to the shop!! I think the most shocking thing about this last sentence, is the fact that I am actually capable of a “short post”, right??? Haha! Well, I am! And I’m here to prove it! Today’s post is short, but very very sweet!! ;)
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A New Journey, A New Announcement, A New Business: Iced pinK – Bath Body Sparkle


Ok friends, it’s been waaaay too long, right??? How are you all doing?? I hope 2014 finds you all healthy, happy and ready for a beautiful new year! For me, I am embarking on a new journey, one that I am so excited about and that I’ve been working towards for quite a while~!! So I thought I would share this little secret that I’ve been keeping for so long! ;)

I’ve just launched my new business Iced pinK – Bath Body Sparkle!! Iced pinK is now selling on Etsy and specializes in natural bath and body products and handmade jewelry!! I’m passionate about creating amazing products, made with love! The jewelry line is created with an eye towards affordable, yet dazzling pieces. While the Bath and Body Line is created with skin-loving, natural ingredients to indulge, and pamper yourself. Rich doesn’t necessarily need to be sinful or expensive! I hope you guys love this, as much as I’ve loved creating it!
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Shop Small Business!


When you think of Valentine’s Day – what do you think of? Your special someone, romance, sparks, dinner, flowers and chocolate right? Well, you had me until the “flowers and chocolate”. Flowers and and chocolate has been the “go-to gift” for years!!! And I’m kind of tired of it. Its been over done, to the point that its now boring and unimaginative. When I am looking to give my “Valentine” a gift, I know he’s going to appreciate something aside from the standard thing. Something that’s thoughtful and creative, something that he’ll instantly know I took the time and invested more into it! Well look no further, I have LOTS of gift ideas in this post, lots of DIFFERENT ones brought to you by small businesses! Now I would consider that a win-win; getting a creative, handmade gift WHILE also supporting small business!!!

Did you know that (worldwide) over 50 million roses are given each year on Valentines Day? That each year men shell out (on average) $130 on cards, candy, flowers, jewellry etc? That more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year on Valentine’s Day? That 189 million stems of roses are sold each year (in the USA) on Valentine’s Day??? And given the outrageous prices of these popular, go-to item; can you imagine what an impact on our economy and small business it would have, if we ALL purchased handmade for Valentine’s Day??? And don’t forget, you’re getting a hand-crafted item, made with love by someone, not an item made in a factory by “something” – (a machine)~!!!

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30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts – Part Three


How is everyone doing today??? Hopefully this article finds everyone in both good spirits, as well as, good health~!!! Its definitely been a bad cold and flu season, and being cooped up in my house inspires me to MAKE things~!!! Does it ever have that affect on you??? Yes, I’ve been getting the “I need to get crafty” itch!!! ;)

That brings us to today’s Part 3 in the 30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts~!!! Bringing you a little bit of everything – jewelry, body products, home decor, fashion and scrapbooking DIY projects~!! Definitely something for everyone here!!! If you haven’t seen the first two parts to this series, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 – with LOTS more inspiration and wonderful ideas!

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