Decorating Your Double-Walled, Cold Starbucks Cup – Glitter Edition


Ever see the clear, double-walled, hard plastic cups (in tall, grande or venti sizes) for sale at Starbucks??? As they come, they are kind of boring right?? Well we’re going to change that!! Its time to personalize and GLITTERFY your clear Starbucks tumblers!!! These cups are wonderful little inventions since you can re-use them for your favorite Starbucks drinks (some Starbucks stores even give discounts when you bring it in for them to fill), but you can also use them at home for your own creations! And you all know how much I love the bling, right?? So when I saw a lady on Instagram add some glitter to her cup, I thought – YES!!! This would be a fun little project to put my own spin on, with a beautiful blingy end result!!!

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