Fine Fragrance Collection Has Launched: Preservative-Free Natural Perfumes in Different Strengths that are Beneficial for Your Skin!


I don’t know about you – but I’ve always been a perfume junkie. I’ve always loved perfumes and been obsessed with smelling yummy! So when I set out creating a line of fragrances, I not only wanted to make it natural and chemical free, I also wanted my perfumes to have potency and staying power. You know what I mean? For me to call it a perfume, it has to BE a perfume! Which is why I am so excited to finally debut my new Fine Fragrance Collection (after quite a LONG time in the making); available in different strengths from light to medium to strong! All of which are free from preservatives, parabens, pthalates, formeldehyde etc! A beautiful collection of fragrances that not only make you smell amazing, but FEEL amazing ON your skin! A win win! AND to celebrate this launch, how about a COUPON CODE for 20% off?? (Stay tuned until the end of this post for the coupon code!) All of these amazing, new fragrances are available at Iced pinK!
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Dessert for the Skin at Iced pink, Lego Brick Glycerin Soaps for Kids, and Shop Announcements


Yup, you heard that right. Bath and Body treats (emphasis on the treats) for YOUR SKIN; thaaat just so happen to look and SMELL like treats! I’m talking about Dessert-Inspired Shea Butter Body Soaps over at Iced pink in a range of different scents – all made from natural skin loving Shea Butter Soap!! Now you might be thinking I’m a little obsessed with desserts – aaand you would be right! I enjoy the smells of desserts, the richness, the comfort….well, you get the idea. And since I don’t often indulge in sweets, I LOVE my bathing experience to be INDULGENT~!!! And that’s exactly what these do for you!!

There are also some new and FUN Lego Brick Gentle Glycerin Soaps for Kids!! A great way to make bathtime fun and actually get the kids to wash themselves~!! ;) They come in packs of 5 lego bricks each, in varying colors of blue (scented with Tahiti Treat), red (scented with Strawberry Sensation) and orange (scented with Orange Sherbet) – so fun!!

All of these make GREAT gifts for others or for yourself, and/or stocking stuffers~!!! Ready for some “eye-candy”??
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