Iced pinK’s Butter Whip Lip Balm


If you are still using petroleum based lip balms, it is time you left the petrochemicals where they belong – on oil rigs! Not on your lips! Petroleum doesn’t contain any nutrient rich properties or healing benefits. They just coat your lips with pore-clogging grease, which can then slip off your lips onto other areas of your face. And when you think of where your petroleum based lip product came from – oil rigs…YUCK!!! I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to put that stuff on my lips!

Enter Iced pinK’s Butter Whip Lip Balm, which is made up of only 5 all natural, lip-loving ingredients. Filled with rich plant butters and oils, which contain antioxidants, healing properties, and adding smoothness. Along with beeswax, adding a protective breathable layer, sealing in moisture and keeping dryness out; and vitamin E for super antioxidant power~!!! Butter Whip Lip Balm feels so smooth and breathable on the lips, never waxy! Don’t settle for synthetic alternatives that just coat your lips with grease or chemicals; TREAT your lips to these gentle and natural lip balms! Your lips will thank you!
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