What Are You Feeding Your Skin?


Have you ever picked up your skincare products and read the ingredients? How about actually researching what is specifically in them, to better understand what you are putting on your skin? I will be the first to admit I didn’t always do this. If a lotion said “Moisturizing” or “Nourishing” or “Natural”, I just thought it was. I never actually read and investigated what was in that product. I took these claims as honest and factual; not realizing I was essentially putting a whole lot of ingredients on my skin that were potentially carcinogenic and/or harmful.

Fast forward to present day, and I now scrutinize every single ingredient. Researching to ensure I am not using ingredients that are harmful on my skin and, in fact, staying away from ingredients that are even questionable. Learning that your skin is your largest organ and does absorb what you put on it, only solidified my desire to use better products. And to ultimately to create my own.
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Candied Cocoa & Shea Lip Polish/Scrub – Candy For Your Lips


Iced pinK’s Candied Cocoa & Shea Lip Polish is a beautiful lip treatment that will keep your lips feeling soft and hydrated, while getting rid of the dead skin! Made up of only 7 all natural, lip-loving ingredients. Filled with rich plant butters and oils, which contain antioxidants, healing properties, and adding smoothness. Along with sugar for gentle exfoliation; jojoba oil and beeswax, adding a protective breathable layer, sealing in moisture and keeping dryness out; and vitamin E for super antioxidant power~!!! Candied Cocoa & Shea Lip Polish ensures you get rid of the dead skin, while keeping your lips kissably soft and hydrated.

FUN FACT: Candied Cocoa & Shea Lip Polish comes with some pretty candy sprinkles on top (colors will vary)! These look and feel like a treat for your lips~!!! So TREAT your lips to this gentle and moisturizing lip polish! Your lips will thank you!
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