Disney Villains – A Makeup Monday Theme


Good Afternoon Monday Friends~!!! How was everyone’s weekend??? My Mom flew in Thursday, so we’ve been having lots of fun hanging out with her!!! Our weekend consisted of a Football game with my younger one on Saturday Morning (his team won – YAY!), some delicious Mexican food, shopping, relaxing, crafting and watching movies!!! Definitely the makings of a fun-filled weekend!!!

Now I know most of us dread Mondays, right? Well not today!!! “Why?” you may ask! Because today is MAKEUP MONDAY at A Brilliant Brunette’s Blog!!! Which means we have an excuse to break out of our normal routine, and change it up and have fun with our makeup!!! The theme for today is “Disney Villains” – so let’s get creative with it, shall we???

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Wet n Wild Glamour Eyes Eye Kit Review and Pictures


When you think “Smokey Eyes”, what do you think of? A look that’s beautiful, striking, or difficult to accomplish??? Well it can be all of the above depending on your level of experience. Well fear not ladies, Wet n Wild has created a kit that includes everything you need to accomplish a beautiful smokey eye; with their new Glamour Eyes Eye Kit!!

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Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of …… FALAFEL!!! (The Recipe)


Have you ever had Falafel before? If not, you are missing out!! They are these little balls of yumminess!!! But more precisely, they are made up of ground chickpeas, coupled with amazing spices, then deep fried (or baked). Once cooked, they are put inside a pita alongside condiments such as hummus, tzatziki, feta cheese, onions, pickles, tomatoes and (if you like spice) jalapenos!!! They are a Middle-Eastern delicacy and one we grew up with and adore!!!

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