Wet n Wild Glamour Eyes Eye Kit Review and Pictures


When you think “Smokey Eyes”, what do you think of? A look that’s beautiful, striking, or difficult to accomplish??? Well it can be all of the above depending on your level of experience. Well fear not ladies, Wet n Wild has created a kit that includes everything you need to accomplish a beautiful smokey eye; with their new Glamour Eyes Eye Kit!!

Good Morning Wednesday Friends!!! How’s everyone doing today??? As we’re approaching fall, we’re still enjoying the remnants of some beautiful, sunny, and warm weather. So no complaints here by any means!!! Fall is actually my favorite season though, even though I love warm weather. In Fall, you have the sunny, gorgeous, crisp, clear days with all the leaves changing and falling – makes for a very picturesque landscape. Don’t you think?


Glamour Eyes Eye Kit


A Look Inside the Kit


Inside the Kit is an Illustrated “How-Too” Guide to Achieving the Look


A Close Up of the Products Included in this Kit


Eye Shadow Quad

These colors are gorgeous!!! And definitely proof-positive that mixing gold and silver, can and DOES work!!! In fact, its beautiful!!

The eye shadows in this palette are sparkly white, shimmery silver, shimmery gold, and a black with silver sparkle.



The colors are very nicely pigmented and go on beautifully!

Included in this kit is also a shimmery black liquid eyeliner, a deep bronze pencil eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow brush, and a brow brush/comb.


Here is what this kit looks like on:

One important and very nice feature, is that these kits are on a display at Walgreens that includes testers!!! So you can swatch the shadows before buying them to see if they are ones you’d enjoy!! Love that!!



Quality: B
Texture: B
Pigmentation: B
Longevity: B
Packaging: B

Pricing: $7.99 (approximately)
Availability: At Walgreens and Fred Meyer

Wet n Wild has created a nice little kit to achieve AMAZING looking Smokey “Metal” Eyes!!! The shadows are very nicely pigmented, the eyeliner pencil goes on very smooth, the liquid eyeliner is wonderful and has wonderful staying power!!! Down side for me is the price, seeing as how I won’t use the included brushes and mascara. I would’ve preferred this for around $5.99 for the whole kit, OR take out those items and lower the price. All in all though, not a bad kit. Love the shadows and liners!!!


Have any of you lovelies tried this new kit?? What do you think of it??? Does this kit look like one you’d use or want??? Let me know!!!

Until next time my friends, it’s all about keeping our eye shadow intense, shimmery and SMOKEY, while still keeping it effortless~!!! Sending you all HUGS and LOTSA LOVE~!! xoxo