Get Inspired with 16 Fresh, Edgy, and Creative Manicure Ideas


In today’s day and age, a manicure shouldn’t just include nail polish. It’s 2013 and with all the new products on the market, its time to think outside the box when it comes to manicuring your nails~!! So whether you are stuck in a manicure rut, feeling tired of doing the same old thing to your nails, or simply looking for some new and fresh manicure ideas – you’ll definitely want to stay tuned~!! I have assembled some great manicure makeovers and products, to change up your routine and do something new and creative with your nails! And whether you have natural or fake nails, these manicure ideas are for everyone~!!!

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NYX Studio Liquid Liner Review Including Swatches and Pics


Today I bring you a review of the NYX Studio Liquid Liners, featuring lots of pictures and swatches. Now in the world of liquid liners, there are many different brand and colors to choose from. So after trying the NYX Liquid Crystal Liners, I knew I had to give the Studio Liquid Liners a whirl. These liners, unlike the liquid crystal liners, aren’t glittery but pack a lot more pigmentation and are available in 12 different colors.

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NYX Liquid Crystal Eye Liner Review and Swatches


I’ve made no secret of my love for all things glitter. Well actually, all things sparkly (can’t leave that out!). So when I came upon the NYX Liquid Crystal Liners, I was instantly drawn to them. They are little tubes of blingy awesomeness! Like jewelry for your eyes!!!

Today we’re reviewing these little cuties. And I’ll feature lots of pictures and swatches, so you can decide if they will be the next addition to your stash!

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