What Are You Feeding Your Skin?


Have you ever picked up your skincare products and read the ingredients? How about actually researching what is specifically in them, to better understand what you are putting on your skin? I will be the first to admit I didn’t always do this. If a lotion said “Moisturizing” or “Nourishing” or “Natural”, I just thought it was. I never actually read and investigated what was in that product. I took these claims as honest and factual; not realizing I was essentially putting a whole lot of ingredients on my skin that were potentially carcinogenic and/or harmful.

Fast forward to present day, and I now scrutinize every single ingredient. Researching to ensure I am not using ingredients that are harmful on my skin and, in fact, staying away from ingredients that are even questionable. Learning that your skin is your largest organ and does absorb what you put on it, only solidified my desire to use better products. And to ultimately to create my own.
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Tutorial: Learn How To Take Back Control Of What You See on Facebook


When I get onto Facebook, however sporadic it may be, I look forward to seeing the updates of my friends, as well as those of the business pages I have “liked”. But with all of the new Facebook changes, have you noticed you are seeing less and less of the status updates to the business pages you’ve “liked”? I have been becoming more and more aware of this lately, and it has been a source of frustration.

I know there are all kinds of factors that go into which Facebook pages will or won’t show up in my news feed but, as simple as it may seem, I just want to see any and all updates to the pages I have have selected to “like”. Why else would I “like” a page if I wasn’t actually interested in seeing updates etc, right? Add to this, the fact that most business pages are now being forced to pay for each post if they want their entire audience to see it; making it even more unlikely it will end up in my news feed. And I will say, I don’t always have time to comment on each post that I would like too, and this also may play a part in how much (or how little) I see of my favorite pages.
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NEW at icedpink.com – Create Your Own Sets, NEW Packaging and NEW Products~!


I’ve never sold sets in the Iced pinK Etsy Store before, because each of us have different taste in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. And you shouldn’t have to buy a set, with a piece that you may not use. So, it got me to thinking. And then I began creating lots of pieces in different sizes and styles and colors, that coordinate! When I listed them in the Iced pinK Etsy store, each listing includes pieces that match or coordinate – to create a set unique for you! And the “Create Your Set” was born! I’m excited to bring you, yet another form of customization to your accessory wardrobe! Most of the necklaces and/or bracelets allow for you to customize your length, and now you can create your own sets!
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Iced pinK Giveaway and New Floating Bead, Crystal and Gemstone Necklaces~!!!


Hey there beauties!! Stopping in with a quick post about a Custom Made Floating Necklace Giveaway, and some new, gorgeous, statement floating necklaces added to the shop!! I think the most shocking thing about this last sentence, is the fact that I am actually capable of a “short post”, right??? Haha! Well, I am! And I’m here to prove it! Today’s post is short, but very very sweet!! ;)
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A New Journey, A New Announcement, A New Business: Iced pinK – Bath Body Sparkle


Ok friends, it’s been waaaay too long, right??? How are you all doing?? I hope 2014 finds you all healthy, happy and ready for a beautiful new year! For me, I am embarking on a new journey, one that I am so excited about and that I’ve been working towards for quite a while~!! So I thought I would share this little secret that I’ve been keeping for so long! ;)

I’ve just launched my new business Iced pinK – Bath Body Sparkle!! Iced pinK is now selling on Etsy and specializes in natural bath and body products and handmade jewelry!! I’m passionate about creating amazing products, made with love! The jewelry line is created with an eye towards affordable, yet dazzling pieces. While the Bath and Body Line is created with skin-loving, natural ingredients to indulge, and pamper yourself. Rich doesn’t necessarily need to be sinful or expensive! I hope you guys love this, as much as I’ve loved creating it!
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