Homemade Thai Chicken Pizza – A Top Secret Recipe!

You know those cookbooks that take restaurant dishes and translate them into recipes we, the general public, can make? Well this one isn’t from those books, but it IS a take on a restaurant recipe – that’s where the “Top Secret” title came from! Not because I have kept this recipe a secret, but because this recipe is a take on a pizza that is sold at Papa Murphy”s! And its our FAVE pizza – we love different and flavorful pizzas, and this one definitely qualifies! This pizza isn’t very spicy, but has the distinct Thai flavors, and is a nice departure from the standard “American” pizza!

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Macaroni Salad with a Flavorful & Healthy Twist!…AND An Update!

So how many of you like Macaroni Salad?

For me, its always been a favorite food of mine! I LOVE love it!!! But never ate it that much due to the high calorie content, and the fact that I’d never found a low-cal version that tempted my tastebuds. But my search has ended. This recipe is simply deliciouso~! Whenever I make this for company/family, people are always asking for the recipe. And I’ve had several people tell me that they normally don’t like Macaroni Salad – but they love this one! My very own husband and kids never even liked Macaroni Salad, but when I make this recipe they want to eat this as their main meal – not a side dish~! Now THAT’S high praise, right?

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Authentic Refried Beans and Tortillas (Vegetarian & Healthy !!!)

Be honest – when you read the title, you thought “Healthy, Authentic Refried Beans? Ya RIGHT!” It IS a common misconception – although Mexican cooking can be unhealthy; I grew up with authentic and healthy Mexican cooking. My parents were (and still are) very health conscious and I’m very glad that we were able to enjoy amazing food that wasn’t bad for our insides (or our waistline). This recipe is one of our all-time FAVORITES~! And no restaurant has ever come close to the flavor, that we got used too, with this recipe while we were growing up!

This recipe tastes like it has chorizo in it – but its totally vegetarian, the spice mixture really adds the necessary and unique flavors. And I can safely say, that in my “Meat-Loving” household full of boys – this recipe not only satisfies their appetites but is also one they request over and OVER~! So I’m excited to share it with all with you~!

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Ultimate Beef Stroganoff

Hello there fellow cooks~! A couple of days ago, I made my first “real” stroganoff and it turned out quite delicious! But of course, as with every other recipe, I did make some alterations to this recipe. But all in all, it’s a delicious, “company worthy” recipe~!

My hubby had requested Beef Stroganoff, and I’ve made the Stroganoff recipes in the past that called for cream of mushroom soup and ground beef. But this time I wanted to do “real” stroganoff – no ground beef and no cream of mushroom soup. And I’m very glad I did – because I much prefer this version, the only downside is that it wasn’t as quick as its “cream of mushroom” soup counterpart. But honestly – if you want the deep, rich, slow-cooked flavors, you’re going to have to invest some time into it. Also, I much prefer recipes where they call for less “prepared” foods with all those preservatives and chemicals in them.

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Chicken and Cheese Stuffed Enchiladas

The first recipe I’m going to share with you is an old family recipe that I’ve put my own “twist” on. Its my Mom’s Enchiladas! AND, this is the first time I’ve shared this recipe publicly!!! So here ya go~!

Traditionally she would make the corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, and then fry each tortilla, top it with some enchilada sauce, onions, cheese, and then another layer of fried tortilla, sauce, onions, cheese etc etc…Until you had a stack of 3 or 4 per person. And they are amazing!!! So yummy – in fact I’ve never found an enchilada in a Mexican restaurant that could even come close to the flavor of hers! Consequently I’ve stopped ordering Enchiladas when I go out to restaurants – because I’m always disappointed! But I’m sure part of that is being that I grew up with hers and they are pretty awesome! ;) haha

So my twist on her recipe is a healthier and easier to make version. Healthier because you don’t fry the tortillas, you bake them after stuffing them….And also easier because if you are having company over, it’s something you can prepare and then stick in the oven and go socialize with your friends! You aren’t stuck over the stove frying tortillas all night as people eat and want more. :) And the great thing is there is no right or wrong way to make them – you can do what I always do…Which is to look at the recipe and modify it to suit our tastes! If you want the sauce thicker, or thinner, or more or less cheese – its up to you! So don’t be afraid to experiment! Its the whole FUN part about cooking! I think its definitely one of the reasons I love it – because I love to be creative with it! I’m sure we all have some EPIC failures that we’ll never forget and that we can look back on now and laugh~! Right??? So have fun with it and remember with every failure comes invaluable experience and you’ll become a MUCH better cook along the way! And if you have any questions go ahead and post a comment or email me! I’d be happy to help in any way! :)

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