2012 Spring and Summer Beauty Trends – New Beauty Products On Sale Now


After a seemingly long and dreary winter, its always refreshing to pop into beauty/drugstores in early Spring and find the spring and summer displays up~!!! Pops of soft colors, bronzes, and lots of brights are just a sign of beautiful weather to come~!!! And although my region doesn’t receive a lot of snow, winter usually means lots of gray skies and LOTS and lots of rain. So the sunny weather and fun Spring/Summer beauty are definitely uplifting treats, as well as a sign of things to come~!!!

For Spring and Summer 2012, you’ll see a lot of beautiful tangerines, vibrant turqoises, teals and tropical brights, sunny bronzes, and playful fuschias, pinks and corals~!!! And I don’t know about you – but I’m so excited to incorporate these new and refreshing colors into my daily makeup routine~!!!

This past weekend, while I was strolling through some local drugstores and department stores, I thought I’d take some pictures of the new beauty displays. This way, if you haven’t seen the new displays or have been too busy to check them out, I’m bringing them to you~!!!

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Covergirl’s New Blast Flipstick Review – The Blendable Lip Duo


Do you ever go into the drugstore beauty isles, look at the massive selection of all the different brands and different products and think “Where do I even begin?”??? Which products are worth spending money on??? Which brand will give me the product I’m looking for/need???

Its kind of like a treasure hunt of sorts; each brand having some real stand-out gems! And that’s why I do these reviews for you!! The beauty isles at the drugstores, and the beauty counters at the department stores are what I like to call “HOME”~!!! I spend a lot of time there, and try out/test lots of products. So that you can hopefully make an educated decision on which product will help you achieve the look you want, before you ever step foot in the store!!!

Today I’m bringing you a review of Covergirl’s new Blast Flipstick~! Have you seen the commercials or magazine ads for them? I’ll admit when I first saw it, I thought it was kind of “gimmicky”, but still I was intrigued. So when a sale came along at my local Walgreens, I thought I’d give it a whirl~! Knowing that if I didn’t like them, I could easily return it at no cost to me! So here we go, let’s get this review started~!!!!

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Top 5 VIP Long-Wearing Lipsticks – Which Ones Really Last The Test of Time?


Ok, I have a confession to make. I’m totally addicted to long-wearing lipsticks. The really great ones last and last – through meals, drinks, kisses and everything in between. And once you find that perfect balance between the lipstick that stays on your lips, without it “over-drying” your lips, it’s most certainly a winner~!!!

I also love that using these long-wearing lipsticks allows you to skip lip liner all together, reducing the amount of products you need to buy. The only key factor is applying lip gloss after each meal, to keep the lipstick from getting too dry. As long as you do this, you’ll help extend the life of your lipstick. And how easy is it to keep a lip gloss in your purse or in your pocket, and just throw some on here and there? So today we’re counting down the TOP 5 VIP Long Wearing Lipsticks!

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Too Faced Cosmetics 2012 Summer Royalty Collection


Hola Chicas~!!! Just bringing you a little post today about Too Faced’s new 2012 Summer Royalty Collection!!!

As you’ve seen in my previous blog articles – I’m a huge Too Faced Cosmetics fan!!! They have some of the nicest products to help us all get GLAM~!!!!

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Passionfruit Island – A Passion For Handmade Body Products


What do you think of when you hear “Berry Lemon Meringue Cake, Black Raspberry Vanilla Cake, Carrot Cake Bundt Cake, Cinnamon Bun Cake, and Pink Sugar Kiss Cupcakes”???? You think of delectable desserts that are rich, flavorful, and high in calories, right??? Well what if I told you, you could have all of these and not gain a pound???

Okay, I can already hear you all saying “Yeah, right!”!!! Well its true!!!

And that’s because today I’m bringing you a review of a company that specializes in all of these desserts! And they are all made out of SOAP~!!! Well soaps, lotions, body oils, fragrances and MORE!!!

I’d like to introduce you all to PASSIONFRUIT ISLAND!

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