Too Faced Cosmetics 2012 Summer Royalty Collection


Hola Chicas~!!! Just bringing you a little post today about Too Faced’s new 2012 Summer Royalty Collection!!!

As you’ve seen in my previous blog articles – I’m a huge Too Faced Cosmetics fan!!! They have some of the nicest products to help us all get GLAM~!!!!

Too Faced’s New Products

I don’t know about you Chicas, but I SPY several items I need to BUY~!!! ;) You can check out these products and more at Too Faced, or go on into your local Sephora, Ulta or fave Boutique in the next week to pick them up~!!!!

Too Faced if you’re reading this, I’m available to review any and/or all of these gorgeous products~!!! Just sayin~!!! ;)

What do you think about this new collection? Do you see any “must-haves” for this summer? What are your fave products from Too Faced??? Let me know – I always love hearing from my beautiful blog readers~!!!!

Until next time Chicas!!! Summer is aproaching rapidly, and its all about keeping yourself beautiful, bronzed and GLAM~!!!! xoxo