30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts – Part Three


How is everyone doing today??? Hopefully this article finds everyone in both good spirits, as well as, good health~!!! Its definitely been a bad cold and flu season, and being cooped up in my house inspires me to MAKE things~!!! Does it ever have that affect on you??? Yes, I’ve been getting the “I need to get crafty” itch!!! ;)

That brings us to today’s Part 3 in the 30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts~!!! Bringing you a little bit of everything – jewelry, body products, home decor, fashion and scrapbooking DIY projects~!! Definitely something for everyone here!!! If you haven’t seen the first two parts to this series, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 – with LOTS more inspiration and wonderful ideas!

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30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts – Part Two


Welcome to Part Two, in our Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts series~!!! Bringing you more simple, easy and fun ideas for everything from gifts for family and/or teachers, home decor, scrapbooking, jewelry and more~!!! I don’t know about you, but I”m always looking for new and fresh ideas in the creative department, to not only make gifts for family but also for myself! ;)

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30 Simple, Creative, Handmade Projects and Gifts – Part One


How many of you make gifts for people for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc? Or I should ask, how many of you have ever thought about doing that? But maybe didn’t know where to start, or what to make etc? Or thought about making hand-crafted items to supplement your income from time to time? Maybe you have a party coming up and you’d like to make some of the decor or favors? Looking for ideas for Teacher’s gifts??? I have all these ideas and MORE, nicely assembled for you to peruse and get inspired!

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Decorating Your Double-Walled, Cold Starbucks Cup – Glitter Edition


Ever see the clear, double-walled, hard plastic cups (in tall, grande or venti sizes) for sale at Starbucks??? As they come, they are kind of boring right?? Well we’re going to change that!! Its time to personalize and GLITTERFY your clear Starbucks tumblers!!! These cups are wonderful little inventions since you can re-use them for your favorite Starbucks drinks (some Starbucks stores even give discounts when you bring it in for them to fill), but you can also use them at home for your own creations! And you all know how much I love the bling, right?? So when I saw a lady on Instagram add some glitter to her cup, I thought – YES!!! This would be a fun little project to put my own spin on, with a beautiful blingy end result!!!

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We’re Making Sexy Edible Massage Bars with Nature’s Garden!


Are ya ready for it??? Doesn’t this sound like fun??? Yes my friends, this is our “Weekly How-To” with Nature’s Garden!! Aaaand this week we are making Sexy Edible Massage Bars~!!!

Now if you haven’t seen the past couple of articles I’ve done with Nature’s Garden, you’ll definitely have to check them out! A couple of weeks ago I did an article on the background and an overview of Nature’s Garden, which also features an interview with the CEO herself – Miss Deborah Ward!!! And last week we made Homemade Lip Balms with Nature’s Garden products and their recipe!!!

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