101 Valentines Ideas for Decor, Kids, Gifts, Treats, Desserts, Favors, Parties and More


Do you ever get stuck when Valentine’s Day comes around, looking for ideas that aren’t so cheesy or cheap looking? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I went on the hunt for some fun ideas for decor, gifts and projects. Looking for DIY ideas that were a little more elegant, not so cheap looking, and ones that were very doable yet affordable! AND, I found some wonderful ideas!! In fact, I had intented to do a post with around 10 ideas; then that grew to 20, and then 30. Well, then I figured I might as well do 101 IDEAS~!!! There were too many awesome ideas and actually ones that I’d love have in my decor year-round!!! (Yes, I kinda do love hearts, pink and red. I’m cheesy like that) ;)

The wonderful thing about most (if not all) of these projects, is that you can pretty much get all the supplies you need at your local dollar store, or dollar section of your local craft store!!! I have to say, after seeing all of these amazing projects, I’m gaining a new-found respect for dollar stores~!!!


1. Candy Kabobs


What kid wouldn’t love these little treasures??? And how easy it is to make them!?!!? Instructions here.


2 – 26. 25 Valentine’s Gift Ideas and Crafts


Lots of wonderful ideas here~! One of my faves is the Valentine’s Kisses/Gumball Machine and Book of Love Coupons~!!! Here are the instructions.


27. Valentine’s Day Bookmarks


How cute are these??? Instructions are here.


28. Pink Topiary (Using Muffin Liners!)


Hard to believe this is made out of muffin liners!!! Instructions are here.


29. Valentine’s Wreath and Frame


LOVE this idea~!!! Here are the instructions.


30. Valentine’s Cookie Pops


A great (and yummy) treat to make with the kids~!!! Instructions are here.


31. Valentine’s Bingo


Love incorporating pictures into this idea~!!! Instructions and template are here.


32. Blowing a Kiss Valentine


How cute would these be for your child’s classroom Valentines??? And probably more inexpensive than buying traditional Valentine’s. Here are the instructions.


33. Love Sign

Love Sign 2

You can customize this so many different ways~!!! Love it!! Here are the instructions.


34. Valentine’s Day Cake Push Pop


So cute – and SO yummy~!!! Here are the instructions.


35. Photo Valentines (Lots of Ideas)


So many fun ideas for these Valentines~! Here are the instructions.


36. Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops


How cute are these??? And super easy of course~!!! Instructions are here.


37. Valentine’s Day Printables

keep calm-valentine

A couple of free printables, that will look wonderful framed~!! To add to your decor~!!! Instructions here.


38. Valentine’s Tissue Paper Rosette Topiary


Gorgeous and Elegant~!!! Instructions are here.


39. Valentine’s Felt Wreath


So cute! Instructions are here.


40 – 61. 21 Valentine’s Day Treats/Projects


Lots of wonderful ideas~!!! Instructions for all of these projects are here.


62 – 77. 15 Valentine’s Day Treats/Printables for your Sweetie

14 days of valentines

LOVE these~!!! Instructions are here.


78. Glamourous Candy Rings


So fun!!! Instructions are here~!!


79. Framed Heart


Beautiful~!!! Instructions are here.


80. Valentine’s Sweet Bouquet


This would be a great gift for the kids or man in your life~!!! Instructions are here.


81 & 82. Valentines Felt Kissing Balls and Topiary


How fun are these??? Instructions are here.


83. Sealed with a Kiss


These would make great gifts for just about anyone!!! Instructions are here.


84. Flower Pot Topiaries


These would be beautiful year round, dontcha think??? Instructions are here.


85. Love Yarn Letters

Love Letters

Love this!!! Instructions are here.


86. Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls


You can do SO much with these~!!! Hang them, put them in a bowl, on a candlestick etc etc! Instructions are here.


87. Conversation Heart Cookie Pops


Adorable~!! Instructions are here.


88. Exploding Love Box


I adore this idea, such a sweet keepsake!!! Here are the instructions~!!


89. Flameless Rose Tea Lights (Using Plastic Spoons!)

Rose Votives 1a

How beautiful are these??? And they look SO easy to make~!!! Instructions are here.


90. Coconut Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub


A luxurious, pampering treat for your skin~!!! Instructions are here.


91. Ipod Valentine


This is a fun idea for Valentines for the kids!! Instructions are here.


92. Valentines Votives



These are adorable – and made from items from the dollar store~!!! Instructions are here.


93. Bubbly Love Potion



A delicious drink for any Valentine’s occasion! Instructions are here.


94. Cheesecakes with Raspberry Hearts



These are so darling!!! Instructions are here.


95. Valentine Heart Candle


Super cute, and easy idea~!!! Instructions are here.


96. Candle Holders



Love the mix of the red and black colors~!!! Here are the instructions.


97. Red Velvet Cake Batter Dip



So DELISH~!!! Instructions are here.


98. Framed Printables



These are elegant, yet adorable. Instructions are here.


99. Red Velvet Trifle



Ooooh la la!!! Delish!!! Instructions are here.


100. Soda Shoppe Valentine Favors



Great for a party, or just a special treat for the kids~!!! Instructions are here.


101. Valentine’s Subway Art



One of my all time verses about love!!! Looks amazing framed, and great for ALL year round!!! Free printable here.

Phew~!!! That was a lot, right???? Thanks for sticking with me and checking out all of these amazingly creative ideas! I hope these have inspired you to get crafting/baking and bless your family with some homemade goodies~!!!!

Which ones do you love??? What are you fun family traditions or crafts for Valentine’s Day??? Let me know if you have some fun ideas that I didn’t cover~!!!

Until next time, it’s all about filling your Valentine’s Day with LOVE, CREATIVITY, and MEMORIES while always keeping HANDMADE~!!! Blessings my beauties~!!!! xoxo