It was a Headband Kind of Day….


Ever have one of those super rushed, busy, stressful days? Yeah, well today was one of those…lol….It was stressful because I got lost when I was downtown today. Which for all of you that know me – know I’m “directionally” challenged. ;) Haha – And I’m totally ok with that, I have my other strong suits so the fact that I lack in the “sense of direction” department is no sweat off my back. That IS, well except when I’m trying to actually get somewhere! ;) And you may ask – well don’t you have a navigation system? And the answer to that is – yes.

Except today, my navigation system (which is on my cell phone) kept crashing at crucial points downtown when I had to make turns. So, of course, my internal sense of direction would tell me to go the wrong way and when my nav system caught up with me, it was constantly “Re-directing” me~! All the while, my little one in the back seat, telling me “Mom, I feel like we’re going in circles – and I’m getting car sick.” This while I’m trying to find the office where we have an appointment. LOL….Yup…one of “those” days! I did finally get to my destination and thankfully not even late! Good thing I allowed extra time…even if I thought that extra time would be for traffic – and turned out to be more for all the wrong turns I made! And I was glad the car sickness ended up passing for the little man – so alls well that ends well, right?

When I’m really rushed, I try to take short cuts where I can with my getting ready routine. And I have a lot of hair – thick hair. Either way, I have to spend the time blow drying/straightening it. But when that’s over with, its a lot faster for me to just throw a headband in my hair rather than fussing with it any further. So thus, today was one of those “head band” days. But still, try to glam it up even when its one of those days – some jewellry, eyeliner and red lipstick! And hopefully nobody noticed that it was a “headband” kind of day for me. ;)