I’m a Blog Newbie No Longer…..Or am I????


Well, first I want to welcome of all of you to my new blog and joining me on this new “online” adventure! I’ve never blogged before, although I’ve definitely enjoyed reading other people’s blogs. The blogs I’ve gotten hooked on are couponing, beauty and scrapbooking. Although it isn’t limited to just those – I’ve read many others, and what I love about blogging is that it opens and broadens our perspectives. And if you can learn a thing or two in the process – so much the better, right? I’m excited because my blog will have a little bit of everything from cooking, couponing, scrapbooking, beauty, fashion, deals, crafting, health and many things in between! Basically all of my interests and passions rolled up into this little blog…and some ramblings here and there. ;) So I hope you all enjoy~!

So…my first post is going to be about cooking! Now, I’m not a professional by any stretch, but over the years I’ve learned a lot and come a long way. I used to be the WORST cook… (No joke)…my family would definitely attest to that. But after much experimentation, trials, errors and watching LOTS of Food Network (shout out Guy Fieri, Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay) – I’ve gotten to where I’m comfortable in the kitchen and love experimenting with recipes! I used to think cooking Hamburger Helper was “homemade cooking”….haha – Let’s just say I no longer buy that anymore and the more I get into cooking the more I’m becoming obsessed with the health benefits of making things from scratch. Being able to create amazing and delicious meals that are more nutritious in terms of calories, fat and also being free from all the chemicals you normally find in the store-bought “premade” products.

I’m definitely not a “meat and potatoes” kinda girl – so the kind of recipes I gravitate towards are usually of all different ethnic origins! Because those are the flavors I grew up with – a lot of Mexican and Middle Eastern Cooking. Aside from the predominant flavors I grew up with, my parents also experimented in the kitchen and exposed us to ALL kinds of different ethnic foods. So I’d honestly be hard pressed to choose a favorite type of food….But those who know me well, know that SUSHI is my absolute fave~! haha…My parents are amazing cooks as well, so it was always a family affair when they were making the meal. We’d all be in or around the kitchen socializing, snacking and having fun. I guess that’s another reason I have such a passion for it – aside from the health benefits – its a great way to bring the family together after a busy day for some meaningful family time! And I hope for my kids that I’m building those same great family memories, healthful cooking habits, and traditions that my parents gave to us. Do any of you have fun traditions/memories that are centered around cooking or food? Well that’s all for me folks – remember to always have fun and take risks in the kitchen~and keep it homemade peeps! :)